As people, we are sum of the experiences we’ve had. We’re shaped by and forever changed based on the relationships we’ve had, the places we’ve gone, people we’ve met, and things we’ve done. And the older we get, the wiser we are based on those experiences—one of the few benefits of getting old! It’s a pivotal moment in your life when you realize you want to talk to someone with experience because you’ve realized that you actually don’t know everything.

Like people, companies are also made up of experiences they can share with their customers. Avaya is no exception. We are a company with an incredible legacy of experience.

I purposely use the word legacy, which, for some reason, is perceived as a negative in business today. That may be true if all you have is history, but it can be incredibly positive and powerful if a company’s legacy is used as a springboard to the future. Avaya is rich with experiences that matter to our customers, partners, and prospects.

There are 144M people around the globe who go to work every day and rely on Avaya to deliver reliable, secure, and intelligent connections. There are 111,000 businesses and organizations of all sizes in 170+ countries whose employee collaboration, connectivity, and customer experience are in the hands of Avaya.

I like to say it’s similar to the tagline of a Farmers Insurance ad: ”We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” The sum of all those experiences is being put to work for our clients to innovate and create unique experiences for their customers and employees. By doing this, Avaya delivers experiences that matter.

They matter for organizations that want to delight their customers. They matter to managers who want to provide their workforce with better information, better tools, and better communications to make better decisions, increase efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction. They matter to consumers around the globe, who want brands to show them that they are valued, understood, and catered to. This is at the heart of what we do, and no one is in a better position with our experience, the breadth of our portfolio and delivery options, and the power of our open and agile ecosystem.

Today we’ve launched a brand campaign that showcases the new Avaya—a company with experiences that matter. We have a new website, a new way of storytelling and engaging with readers, a new visual identity that reflects the modern, innovative, customer-focused company that we are. You’ll see bold geometric patterns that reflect the connections we deliver. You’ll see that customers, and people, are at the center of everything. We’ve simplified our navigation online so visitors to our site can easily and clearly find everything that Avaya has to offer. It’s the new Avaya. Bringing our wealth of experience to bear for our customers as they transform digitally and move their solutions into the cloud.

Brand is the personality that identifies a company. Avaya’s brand is evolving to reflect our ongoing internal transformation—leveraging our experiences over the decades and applying them to today’s secure, intelligent connections delivered on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both.

Welcome to Avaya.